DEA chemist: LSD lab could produce 826 million doses

The Wamego Times
Volume 116 • Number 9 • February 27, 2003

The alleged LSD lab seized by federal agents the evening of November 6, 2000, contained enough raw material to produce .826 million doses of LSD, a DEA chemist testified Monday, February 24, in U. S. District Court. at Topeka.

Timothy McKibben, a senior research chemist with the Drug Enforcement Administration, told jurors the rental (nick in which the alleged lab was stored included almost 91 pounds of powder and liquid--enough to produce 826 million doses of hallucinogen. Originally, the DEA had estimated the lab had the capability of producing between 36 million and 60 million dosage units,

The defendants in the LSD conspiracy trial---William Leonard Pickard and Clyde Apperson-were arrested November 6-7, 2000, after driving away from the former missile base. Pickard was driving a rented Buick and Apperson, the rented Ryder truck containing the alleged lab.

A dose of LSD has a street value of between $1 and $10.