Background on Skinner

Skinner in Jail
  1. Tulsa World articles regarding Skinners case, in a single PDF file and response from Tulsa World to Leonard on November 15 (pdf file 512K)
  2. Gordon Todd Skinner, along with his wife Krystle Ann Cole Skinner and William Ernest Hauck, an Oklahoma truck driver, have been charged with kidnapping, conspiracy to kindnap, torture of a teenager, assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, and drug trafficking. Allegedly the trio kidnapped a Broken Arrow 18 year old from a Tulsa hotel on or about July 4th. The teenager was a former companion of Ms. Skinner while she and her husband Gordon Todd Skinner were separated. The teen was held captive for 6 days in Oklahoma and Texas, beaten and injected with drugs as an act of revenge. See charges filed in Oklahoma. Gordon Todd Skinner was also arrested for unrelated charges in Nevada having to do with drug trafficking. Skinner was apprehended after attending Burning Man at Black Rock, Nevada. For more see New.

  3. Gordon Todd Skinner was previously the informant in a marijuana case, but illegally wiretapped the defendant from Skinner's phone in another state. In 1995, the New Jersey Supreme Court stated that Skinner's "character and credibility were so questionable" that the electronic surveillance was a necessity. See State v. Worthy, 141 N.J. 368, 661 A. 2d. 1244 (1995)*. After several years of Worthy's incarceration, the case was dismissed due to Skinner's illegal activity.

  1. In New Orleans, Skinner fraudulently obtained a 70-foot motor vessel under assumed names. Six months later, the vessel was seized by Cayman-Island authorities and Skinner was escorted off the island. No criminal charges were filed, but civil charges resulted in damages of $100,000 to Bill Good of B&G Offshore in Kenner, Louisiana. Mr. Good has yet to recover any damages, due to Skinner's illegal concealing of assets. Letter from Bill Good regarding Skinner

  2. Skinner was convicted by a Tulsa jury for fraud. Skinner had misrepresented himself as a wealthy individual to Financial Operations Group of Philadelphia, and fraudulently manipulated members of the Philadelphia Stock Exchange, resulting in five individuals losing control of their company. Skinner stated that he had large investors behind him, including a "Mr. Warren", "Kaiser Steel", "Barclays Bank", etc. All references were fictitious. Financial Operations Group lost 1.5 million dollars due to Skinner's deception. The Tulsa jury awarded triple damages, $4.5 million to the plaintiffs. Skinner then filed bankruptcy on this and many other debts incurred by fraud in the same manner, declaring only $300 in assets in 1992.

  3. Skinner routinely hands out fraudulent bank checks, but no charges have been filed on this activity. Skinner also obtained by misrepresentation stereo equipment valued in excess of over $100,000 from AudioF/X of Sacramento, CA, and refused to return it. State authorities in Kansas acknowledge that the stereo matter is a criminal act but will not press charges until Skinner's usefulness in Leonard's case is over. Meanwhile, damages of $100,000 have been awarded to AudioFX, but Skinner continues to hide behind a spurious "trust" created to conceal assets. Federal authorities acknowledge that Skinner is evading his creditors in a "dishonest" manner, but neglect to take action on the matter.

  4. More Details(pdf format large file 2.2mb)

  5. State of Oklahoma v Gordon Henry Skinner Case CF-2003-74 Tulsa County (Father of Gordon Todd Skinner) filed 01/08/03 for aggravated assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, pointing a weapon, kidnapping, possession of a firearm while in commission of a felony, threatening a violent act, etc.
  6. *Docket No.: a-101-94
    Decided: 27-Jul-1995
    The New Jersey Wiretap Control Act applies to the interception of out of-state telephone calls when a person located in New Jersey is a party, when the interception is undertaken for the purpose of investigating criminal activity in this State, and when New Jersey law enforcement officers direct, or cooperate in, the interception. Because prosecutorial review was not obtained for the initial wiretap interceptions of James Worthy, the conversations were unlawfully intercepted and must be suppressed, as well as any evidence derived from that illegal interception.

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