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See Leonard's new paper on management of prison violence: Schelling's Rule: How to Have Safer Prisons and Less Recidivism. The "Timeline on Skinner" and the "Current Actions in the Courts" are updated regularly. Last update on these pages is April 24, 2013.

There is much new content being added each month. Please visit the new FAQs page and the Pending Appeals in the Courts page. Leonard recently has won an FOIA appeal in the 9th Circuit as the first of many FOIA requests to DEA, DOJ, FBI, EOUSA, DHS and ONDCP.

He has prepared a paper on DEA's NADDIS System - An Advisory for Defense Attorneys, the Courts and Researchers, which visitors may find helpful. Several Research Citations are included, as well as Current Research efforts. A new paper on International LSD Prevalence will be added soon, as well as additional FOIA requests and new papers on FBI's Universal Index system and Investigative Data Warehose (IDW).

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