1. What does Leonard do during his incarceration?
    He works on his case 12 hours a day with breaks for yoga and meditation. His cell is 3 by 5 paces. He is allowed out one hour per day for exercise into an area fenced with razor wire .
  2. Has there been any cooperation by anyone?
    Skinner is implicating his closest friends in addition to many innocent people, effectively anyone that he has met or heard of in the last few years.
  3. How may we contact him or others involved in the case?
    Leonard will respond to emails at aphrodine.1@gmail.com and communication is most welcome.
    Leonard's mailing address is:

    William Leonard Pickard
    FRN 826787011
    POB 24550
    Tucson, AZ 85734

    Those who wish to help with the case are asked to contact the defense:

    Attorney: Billy Rork,
    1321 SW Topeka Blvd. Topeka, KS 66612
    Tel: 785. 235. 1650
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    but the irrational tenth is like the kingfisher
    flashing across the pond,
    and in it lay the test of generals"

    TE Lawrence, (1928)

    Legal Advisor: Bill Osterhoudt
    135 Belvedere Street, San Francisco, CA 94117
    Tel: 415. 664. 4600

  4. How may we help now that the trial is over?
    1. Any information about the case, or about the informant Skinner, would continue to be most helpful. If you know of some details that might help us, please contact us even anonymously as soon as possible. Proxy email accounts may be opened at Kinkos, using www.hotmail.com or any public Internet access. Phone tips may be left on Leonard's voicemail/fax (313)557-6219. (See Do You Know The Answers To These Questions?)
    2. Those with legal or government expertise are asked to contact the attorneys regarding their insights about the case and the appeal.
    3. Leonard and his family are completely without funds. If you are able to help with this matter, even in a small way, they would be deeply grateful. Funds will be used to help Leonard and to assist with the appeal.
    4. Contributions may be sent via PayPal:
  5. Are there other ways to help the defense?
    Legal aid has many forms. We are aware of the power of prayer and the positive actions of spiritual practices. Your kind thoughts and compassionate feelings, directed toward resolution of this matter, will make a difference. Please think of us, and know that we think of you, in the most loving way.
  6. What are the legal issues under consideration at this point?
    On or before October 9th, 2003, the court will consider various post-trial motions, including
    1. Motion for a new trial based on cumulative error and misconduct
    2. Motion for reconsideration of motion to suppress for Fourth Ammendment violations and outrageous government misconduct. (See Motion to Dismiss and Motion to Suppress ) (See Unusual Events At Trial, Government Misconduct, and Order 1 and Order 2)
  7. How is the attorney being paid?
    Mr. Rork is court appointed. Leonard has been ruled indigent by the court. He has no property or assets whatsoever.
  8. When is the appeal and how long will it take?
    The appeal will be filed after the October, 2003 sentencing and will take 12-18 months for a decision.
  9. Has anyone been immunized and what does this mean?
    Skinner has been fully immunized. He cannot be prosecuted for any criminal activity, including the manslaughter/homicide of Paul Hulebak (see background on Skinner). Excerpts of immunized witnesses' testimony will be posted on this site in the future.
  10. Would expert or character witnesses be helpful during sentencing or the appeal?
    Expert witnesses or character witnesses would be most welcome. If you feel that you might benefit the defense by appearing, please contact us, and *thank you*.
  11. Where does the case now stand?
    We are waiting for the judge's decisions on the motions to suppress and motions for a new trial due to cumulative error and prosecutorial misconduct. Motions will be placed on this site, and we ask that interested legal scholars comment on the constitutional issues prior to submission for reconsideration, and before appeal to the circuit court.
    (See Unusual Events At Trial, Government Misconduct, Order 1 and Order 2)
  12. Where is Skinner and what is he doing?
    If you have any information on Skinner's history or current activities, please let us know, even anonymously. Your help is very much appreciated. Respond to the attorneys, to aphrodine.1@gmail.com or to the voicemail/fax (313)557-6219.
  13. Can the drug policy or research community be helpful?
    Researchers or drug policy specialists are invited to participate by writing letters of support. This is an unusual opportunity to advance drug policy in a meaningful manner by guiding the court system, and the appellate courts, in their decisions. Case law created by the appellate court's decisions in this matter will affect hundreds of other unrelated cases. Please contact us if you feel you can help.
  14. I have a question to be added to the FAQ list.
    Please send us your questions about the case.
  15. What are the penalties in this case?
    Leonard will be sentenced to life imprisonment without parole.
  16. How did this case get started? Was Skinner in trouble?

    On August 11, 2000 Skinner was called by his girlfriend to report that DEA ws interviewing people in the rave community concerning MDMA importation, possibly involving 300 doses of MDMA shipped to her and others from Poland and received the same day. Skinner became concerned that attention woud be brought to the missile base and his activiites.

    At this time it appears that Skinner was tipped that his arrest was imminent for passing counterfeit checks to friends, stealing stereo equipment, and possessing an illicit laboratory. He frantically called numerous federal agencies The origins of the case remain confused, and the defense has reason to believe they are purposely being obscured. If you have information about how the case began, please contact us.

  17. What will Leonard do if he survives this difficulty?

    Leonard will love his family as his primary vocation. He will continue toward his doctorate in public policy.

    If you have any information, please write us at aphrodine.1@gmail.com.

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