Leonard has filed for an appeal based on information that has come forth regarding misconduct on the part of the prosecution. We will post the information regarding this situation over time in some detail so please return to this page periodically to see new material

  1. Affidavit of Krystal Cole regarding information about Skinner
  2. Supplemental Motion To remand to trial court for the limited purpose of granting a new trial based on newly discovered evidence of juror misconduct pursuant to federal rule of criminal procedure 33.
  3. Complaint form for Kansas Office of Disciplinary Administrator
  4. Supplemental Motion for new trial based on evidence of juror misconduct (PDF document)
  5. Appellants' Exhibit 1 OSBC Article Employee Scott Lowry
  6. Appellants' Exhibit 2 Alumni Directory Washburn University School of Law
  7. Appellant's Exhibit 3 Washburn University Law School Directory 1985-86
  8. Complaint to Chief Justice on Delay of Juror Investigation (PDF document)
  9. Photography of Scott David Lowry
  10. Photograph of Gregory Hough
  11. Motion for New Trial and Reply to Plaintiff-Appellee's Response pursuant to Order of the United States Court of Appleals for the 10th Circuit. (PDF Document Large, 4 mb)
  12. Testimony by Skinner informing in other cases not disclosed in trial 1992 Skinner informing in US v Wilson et al.pdf
  13. Reply to Governments response to Defendent's motion for New Trial (PDF Document Large 4 MB)
  14. Sept 12, 2003 affidavit regarding Skinner