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It has been over ten years since Leonard was arrested for allegedly synthesizing LSD at a missile silo in Kansas.

Although he had a newborn child with his young wife, he chose at great risk to go to trial so that he might live the rest of his life with his wife and child. As you read this, he is still in confinement with two life sentences, and struggling daily with the legal intricacies of this case. He practices meditation while in prison, and send his thoughts to world peace. We ask for your loving kindness and support for this dear gentle soul, who is a casualty in the war on drugs.

"All darkness disappears
From those who carry
The radiance of the sun
In their hearts."

Leonard at Cambridge in 1997
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New Photo - Leonard at 16
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Mail: William Leonard Pickard
FRN 82687011
POB 24550
Tucson, AZ 85734

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Research Activities - Selected Citations

Case Information

Current Research Efforts

Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Research on Government Databases
  • See FOIA Requests
    • DEA
    • DOJ
    • DHS
    • EOUSA
    • FBI
    • IRS
    • ONDCP
  • Read New Paper on DEA's NADDIS System
  • A Case Study of FBI's Investigative Data Warehouse (IDW)
  • Legacy FBI Records Systems: 'The Universal Name Index (UNI)
  • ONDCP Oversight of the High-Intensity Drug Trafficking Areas (HIDTA) Investigative Support Centers (ISC) Agency Databases
  • Privacy and the DOJ Regional Information Sharing System (RISS)
  • Law Enforcement Databases for the Courts and Defense Bar: Assessing the Government's Disclosure Obligations


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